Taking Down Holiday Decorations

Many of us put away our holiday decorations this past weekend.  While doing so, I realized I should share the practice I put into place a few years after being in our current house.  We are blessed in this home with lots of built-ins, several that we use for decorating.  After figuring out how like I like the decorations set up, and which strands of garland, lights, ribbon fit each area, I wanted to make sure I could replicate it the following year.  I now take pictures once all decorations are up, and put all strands of garland, lights and ribbon in labeled bags, such as "stair banister", "hallway banister", "outside tree".  I even put a reminder on my phone for next December to take decoration photos in case I change things around.  Use this for every holiday or season you decorate for, and you'll have quick easy setup each year.