Holidays - A Perfect Time to Organize

What better time to de-clutter and organize your holiday decorations than right now. After the house is decorated, take a good look at any items you chose not to display and decide if now is the time to pass them on to a new home. Look around your rooms and make a conscious decision about each and every decoration. Before disassembling, consider investing in new bins for storing your items throughout the year. Eliminate as much cardboard as possible and replace with strong plastic bins, especially those with rubber seals and locking lids. These will help ensure that in the event of an accident or flood, your decor will remain protected. Label containers with duct tape and a sharpie for ease in future set-up and tear-down. Finally, be sure to choose a place to store all holiday decorations (books, dishes, etc) that is as climate controlled as possible to avoid the growth of mildew or summer heat melting treasured items.

Happy Holidays!