Strategies for Too Many Clothes

Do you have too many clothes but have a hard time getting rid of any? Here are some strategies that might help. 

First, you need to know the last time you wore each item. In order to keep track, turn your hangers around on the dowel in your closet. Mark the date that you turned the hangers, either somewhere in your closet or on your calendar. If you use an electronic calendar, add it to the calendar so that you can search at a later date by the word "hanger". When you wear an item, replace it on the hanger and place the hanger correctly on the dowel. Once a full season has passed, and later a full year, if there are any hangers still facing the wrong way, those are the items that you haven't worn in at least a year. These are items that can likely be donated without you missing them at all. The only exceptions to this would be fancy gowns or suits that are special occasion items.

At the same time you turned your hangers around, take the time to sort your clothes by style and then color. For example, put all tank tops together, then short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, pants, skirts, and finally dresses. Within each type of item, arrange the clothing by color. This allows two things to happen: 1-You'll save time when you need, for example, a white short sleeve shirt.  You'll know exactly where they all are and can quickly and easily find the one you're looking for. 2-You will see how many of each type item you have. After this sort, if you find that you have 10 white, short sleeve shirts, decide if you really need that many. Are any serving duplicate purposes? If so, keep the newest or your favorite, and donate the rest.

Finally, when getting dressed, if you put on an item and think, "I just don't like the way it..." and immediately take it off, do not place that item back on a hanger or in a drawer. Instead, set it aside to donate. Put the item in a bag and place it near the door you exit daily. Allow this to be your donation bag until the next time you leave, and add to it with any other items from your closet or around the house. When you leave next, take the bag and put it where you can see it in the car. You'll likely pass a thrift store in your travels almost daily, so stop in and drop off your donation bag the next time you pass.