The most consistent recommendation I've made thus far this year is, "containerize," meaning to put in containers. Every space, whether a drawer or shelf, is better organized by sorting "like with like" and containerizing the groups. This strategy works for every room of the house and all types of items.  Here are a couple of examples:

  • Desk/kitchen junk drawer - every kitchen needs a junk drawer, but every junk drawer doesn't need to be disorganized. Dollar stores are a perfect place to purchase lots of different sized containers for kitchen, desk, and bathroom drawers. Use a long narrow container for pens & pencils, small square containers for rubber bands, paper clips, binder clips, and medium rectangular containers for pads of paper, etc. 
  • Garage/laundry room shelf - these shelves are often filled with various cleaners and supplies. For ease in finding what you're looking for, sort the items in groups such as floor cleaning, rags, dusting/polishing, lightbulbs, and laundry. Then, place each group in a labeled bin, or label the shelf, using a label maker, duct tape and a sharpie, or index cards and a sharpie.